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AnastasiaWeb – Meet Russian mail order brides. Romantic correspondence and marriage! Find Her Here!

AnastasiaWeb is a fast, email based international dating service, featuring beautiful mail order brides seeking love and marriage in Russia, Ukraine and the former USSR.

Meet thousands of beautiful mail order brides from hundreds of ex USSR cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, Crimea, Odessa and more!

I Found Her Here!

At one time, I was dating 25, or so, different pretty Russian women from different nations of the former Soviet Union all at the same time! AnastasiaWeb was one of the International marriage agencies that I used.

When I saw Nadias pretty face on AnastasiaWeb, I sent her my first of 6 prepared in advance email letters.

I was one of 200 western guys who responded the first day that her profile ad hit the internet on AnastasiaWeb. She answered my first letter to her and a couple of other guys. Out of the 200 – and then out of the 3 other guys – I won! But I did not know that at that time!

One guy was 15 years younger than me. She thought that he was too young for her, even though he was 5 years older than her. The other guy was older than me but he said that he had lots of money. He wanted to send her $10,000.00 right away!

But I did not know any of this at the time. She told me this later. My Russian Bride told me, as did all the other Russian girl friends that I was dating on line, that she liked my letters the best!

At the same time, I was into letters 5, 6, 7, etc with several other very nice and pretty Russian women from AnastasiaWeb. All of them were professionals, from doctors to TV producers.

I only wrote to whom I considered desirable in my eyes, according to what I was looking for whether on AnastasiaWeb or other Russian women dating sites.

Even though I was sort of leaning towards a tall blond Russian woman, all these gals dye their hair! So that became less of an issue as time went on and I learned more about these Russian women.

It was after my many months of learning on how to get my one pretty Russian woman into my home that it paid off for me – as it will for you too! You will learn how to get your pretty Russian woman in

My FREE Letter Writing Example.

I will go into greater details how you have to screen them from the very get go or else you are wasting your time, no matter how desirable that they seem to you.

Remember that there are millions of these great looking Russian beauties available for your choosing.

Go about it the right way and you will never regret that you married her. On the other hand, going about this with more enthusiasm than knowledge could be devastating – for both of you!

Beware of girls Made in China!

For several reasons, I thought China would be a great place to find a woman, since they also are not tarnished by western culture and have the traditional values, such as, she believes that a womans first obligation is to be a great wife for her husband, which is opposite of the women’s lib brainwashing of the western woman.

There are many Chinese International marriage agencies. There are tons of Chinese women who would love to be your foreign bride. I looked for the few Chinese foreign women that appealed to me, that is, who had more of western facial features.

These Chinese International dating sites cannot compare to good Russian sites like AnastasiaWeb

After 3 months and after several young, very sweet, Chinese dolls, I quit oriental internet long distance dating these foreign bride wannabes. For some reason, and I believe it was due to the womans lack of freedom within the communist operated Internet Clubs, these Chinese girls simply disappeared. Later when they reappeared they were somebody else. Very Strange!

Regardless, due to discouragement, I once again quit my on line searching International marriage agencies.

By this time, I knew that it was not quitting, but it was more like a break. I needed to get away from it and regroup my thoughts.


Several months, several nations, and many women later, I found this Russian dating site called

AnastasiaWeb. I liked what I saw. I liked the profiles of the beautiful Russian women. Best of all, since I was much more organized and educated now, my response rate was great.

By this time, when I searched foreign dating sites like AnastaiaWeb, I knew what to look for in the Russian woman’s profile.

I was not interested if she had a young child. I already have my 4 boys. If she had an older teenager, that was OK for me. This would be your personal choice, of course, but one that you should give serious thought to.

You will be attracted to many women. But be aware that you are not simply picking her out of a catalog such as the “Mail Order Bride” catalog.

She comes with “baggage”, which is what she has important in her life. Be very thorough before you make any major decisions. To take her, you also take her baggage. Make sure you know what’s in the bags – all of the bags!

I was looking for a Christian Russian woman also. Since I read somewhere, possibly in one of the e-books listed here, that they might be open to your religion, so that did not stop me if she was good looking and listed some other religion on her profile on AnastasiaWeb.
Get to know her first and then you can make a better decision, especially if the rest of her profile meets your approval.

Personally, I was looking for a home oriented Russian mail order bride. They will mention this in their profiles on AnastasiaWeb.

If they were into the party scene, I passed them by and left them for guys whom they appealed to. (Im so generous!)

I looked at her weight and considered her overall health by what activities she was into. Fortunately, these Russian marriage agencies , like AnastasiaWeb, also, do not waste yours or the womans time with frivolous nonsense like the American sites do like whats your favorite color, or favorite animal, etc.

The majority of these Russian women do not smoke or drink alcohol, except for some social drinking.

At first, I never was concerned from where she lived or was raised. Later I realized that there are some differences in the type of woman that you could get.

Also you have to consider if she can speak English. Nadia, my little blond Russian wife, as an example, can speak fluent Russian and English, some basic French, a little Tartar and Uzbek.

She has had 6 years of higher education, a Russian College Masters Degree in Business Administration, with a major in Accounting. She can play, and has taught, music in the piano, violin and voice.

If it was not for quality marriage agency sites like AnastaiaWeb, I might have never found my Russian Bride!

You need to plan ahead . . .