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If you’re considering international dating as a means of finding, meeting and marrying a lovely Russian woman, there are several important questions you must answer before getting started.

Objective Answers to Your Most Important Questions

Perhaps the most important of these are the questions of


  • “Why Do a Tour to Russia?”
  • “Which Tour Destination is Right for Me”, and
  • When is the Right Time to Go on a Tour to Russia?”

    These are the three questions we are asked consistently by prospective clients, so let’s focus on each one separately for you:

    Why You Should Do a Dating Tour to Russia!

    Once you have committed in your heart to meet your sincere and lovely Russian fianc, you can basically begin in one of two ways.

    Go Alone on Your Dating Tour to Russia!

    You can browse the profiles and order a few addresses and start your correspondence. If you persist, this will lead to a few steady “contacts” that write to you consistently and will ultimately ask you for a commitment to come on your dating tour and visit them.

    Many men who begin in this process with blind correspondence find themselves later challenged to plan a dating tour which will allow them to meet several ladies who are spread out over a large geographical area – maybe thousands of miles apart, or from separate countries. This can be a logistical nightmare.

    Others will narrow their choices down to one lady, and then make the often “fatal” error of taking a solo dating tour to Russia or Ukraine to visit only one woman.

    We never recommend this!


    Obviously if you fly half way around the world to meet a lady you’ve corresponded with – the chance of being compatible once you’ve actually met – is no better than 50%!

    If it doesn’t work out, you will have spent a considerable amount of money, with no back up dating tour for meeting other Russian women, and you come back home empty handed.

    Stories are told from time to time of men who wrote to a green-eyed, blonde aerobics instructor with a slim figure who turned into to a short, full-figured brunette, chain smoker once the client got off the plane in her home country on his solo dating tour!

    You don’t want to go half way around the world, to a place where English is not frequently written or spoken only to find right away this was an obvious mistake – do you?

    In fairness to the many Russian, Ukrainian and Colombian ladies who have filed their profiles with us, our experience is they typically lookmuch better in person than they do in their photos, as is evident by some of our recent dating tour photos.

    Traveling to meet one lady is always going to be a big risk.

    Go With a Tour Group!

    Our Group Tour offers you so much more! Why meet one or two ladies, when you can meet hundreds! Why correspond for 6 months with one or two ladies, only to find once you’ve met, there’s no real chemistry or compatibility?

    During a our Group Tour social, you can engage a lovely Russian girl in 10 minutes of conversation and know more than you might have determined in weeks of correspondence with the same Russian girl!

    In one evening, one 4 hour social, you can meet half a dozen ladies you feel VERY compatible with! Your hardest decision from that point on is which wonderful girl to date first!

    The Russian women who attend Best Russian Girls Group Tour socials are incredibly friendly and warm. They want you to approach them and introduce yourself.

    It is the whole reason why they come to the socials in the first place! It is not to drink champagne, not to eat or dance, but to meet YOU!

    Another great reason to choose a Our Group Tour over a solo-trip is the incredible support you receive from A Foreign Affair’s international staff!

    Keep in mind that while Eastern Europe is well traveled by tourists from around the world, Americans and other English speaking travelers have not been touring this part of the world until just recently.

    In order to be comfortable in Russia, Ukraine or Colombia, you need someone to assist you with accommodations, transportation, interpreting, introductions and creating a comfortable social setting for you and your Russian women to meet on your Our Dating Tour.

    The stress involved in working these things out for yourself on a solo dating tour in a country where you have no reliable resources, can be a huge distraction for you.

    When you choose Our Dating Tour with Best Russian Girls, these details are worked out for you long before you even depart the US.


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